CTP Computer to Plate

etba3 uses the latest Computer to Plate technology, saving both time and money and improving print quality.

Quicker Production Cycles CTP eliminates steps from the production cycle. Even in a Computer to Film (CTF) workflow it can take five steps from having the copy in digital form to having it imaged on a plate. In a CTP process four of these steps are fully removed. Each step eliminated from the process reduces the overall time required to get plates to press, getting the job to you more quickly.

Sharper Print Quality CTP allows printing presses to print cleaner and crisper images by way of eliminating dot gain in the prepress process. In a CTP workflow, first generation dots are imaged to the plate eliminating dot gain in prepress. This gives the press more capacity for printing higher ink densities resulting in richer, better saturated colours.

Better Registration CTP excludes the use of film negatives or positives. CTP plates are imaged on highly accurate plate setting equipment on aluminium substrates that are very resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. Even imposed computer to film workflows cannot offer the accuracy and stability of registration that a CTP system can provide.


The best presentation of your corporate identity is our number one priority. We get the job done fast but always with same high standards of quality and we can help you choose the printing process that best suits the product you want.

Best prices and NO HIDDEN CHARGES!

Many printers will always run 10% more than you order and then charge you for it, We do not!
We run a 1% extra safety margin, at no charge to you, and bill you for exactly what you order.
Many printers charge for a proof, We do not!
We only ask you to pay for additional proofs you may want after making changes.
Many printers charge you retail prices for freight, even though they get it cheaper, We do not!
We only bill our cost, and often less than cost!

About our turnaround time:

We understand that fast delivery is vital to you. We send data to our plants via the Internet and by disc every business day. Once your job is approved we usually print the next day. Our job-tracking system in the plant is fully computerized.