Vision & Mission

Marketing & advertising business unlimited, etba3 is an integrated communications firm specializing in advertising, public relation. Market research, digital printing, and interactive media. etba3's mission is to provide our clients with a strategic and affordable means of successfully addressing their opportunities and challenging through the use of proven marketing principles and practices.

At etba3 we love the creative process. We find great joy in starting something from scratch and creating an end result that ultimately benefits our clients. Whether we're working on a printed brochure, a research study or a strategic plan, we purse excellence and originality through every step of the process. After all, our work is our passion.

etba3's vision is to work in collaboration with clients to become nationally recognized leader in the field of marketing and communications.


We listen thoroughly and carefully to our customers in order to identify their needs and objectives precisely. In addition, we strictly adhere to the contracted working methodology ensuring that the assigned task is delivered successfully and meet our customer's expectations.

Every client is different, they come with different needs, present their own problems and need unique solutions. We have a well-thought-out method to handle them.

As our team works on a project they typically follow this methodology:

Understanding our client's business, the industry segment and the marketplace.
Evaluating the client's current marketing program. Researching the desired targeted and how best to reach them. Executing the assignment is the quickest, most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our Team

Member of etba3's team are bright, creative, client-focused and results-oriented. They specialize in all aspects of communications including strategic planning, market research, graphic design, writing, event planning, website development, printing and multi-media production.

etba3's human resources are its greatest investment. We are all one diversified team with different educational backgrounds, with similar objectives and means of reaching these ends. Every task poses a challenge to not only excel but exceed expectations.

etba3 employs a team of marketing professionals, along with a handful of affiliated consultants in targeted marketing across Egypt. Having a diverse talent base, both professionally and geographically